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Jonathan E. Walker, M.D.

M.S., BCN, QEEG-D    

Board Certified Neurologist    

Board Certified in EEG    

Member QEEG Certification Board

I am a medical doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist.  For forty-five years I have researched, taught and published articles in the field of neuroscience.   


Neurotherapy Center of Dallas is the result of those years of medical experience.  This clinic is a traditional neurological practice with forward-thinking, cutting-edge approaches.  We are dedicated to helping patients discover and overcome problems through both traditional and holistic approaches. 

There are growing concerns about the dangerous and long-lasting side effects of some medications.  While I recommend drugs for some problems, often drugs just mask problems by treating the symptoms and not curing the cause of the problems.

At Neurotherapy Center of Dallas our mission is, whenever possible, to use ways to relieve problems without medication and without side effects.  One of our methods is QEEG-guided neurotherapy, a treatment that relieves many problems so the patient no longer needs drugs.

In addition to seeing patients in the clinic, I interpret test results for other practitioners and offer protocols for remediation of a growing number of medical conditions for which this treatment is dramatically effective.  Some of our services include EEG, NCV, and EMG. 

This site will answer questions you might have about our clinic.  Or, you may call our office at 972-991-1153.  We will be happy to help you.

I am proud of my competent staff.  We look forward to working with you at Neurotherapy Center of Dallas!  



Dr. J  Walker



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